About Us

Founded in 2016, Clearbody Organics was created with the simple goal- truly organic and natural products for your skin. 

We were tired of the industry's low standards and acceptance of harmful chemicals in many products. We took it upon ourselves to make products that only used the finest organic and natural ingredients. 

We also didn't like how most of the "organic" products that were on the market had no official certification or credentials to back up their product. In fact, on closer look, a lot of these products actually had harmful chemicals, much to the dismay of myself and others.

That's why the majority of our products only use organic ingredients, and have the official certification to back it up.

We're proud of what we make here, and we are so excited for you to try our products for yourself and even your children, as all of our products are safe for any age.

And by the way, if you ever have any questions or concerns whatsoever, do email us at info@clearbodyorganics.com. We take customer care very seriously and we will always respond as soon as possible.

Much Love,

Paul Duke

Founder of Clearbody Organics